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Trampapel offers limited series drawings, printed in self-adhesive vinyl as an alternative to the traditional “trompe l’oeil”.

A “trompe l´oeil” , known from the XVIIth is defined as the drawing simulating three dimensional illusion, as architectural elements for example, with the purpose of tricking the viewer to believe the painted object is real. From the french word Trompe L'Oeil, pronounced “trumploy”, its lateral translations means "to deceive the eye". As time went by, these drawings became popular and therefore very used at noble people as well as bourgeois houses. The drawing is always done “in situ”, which makes it very expensive nowadays.

Trampapel is a “trompe l´oeil” made of paper in limited editions from original drawings, which is the reason why the costs are cheaper whereas the visual effect is the same as if it was drew in the wall. Stickers, murals and faux finishes affordable in a wide range of sizes in our catalogue.

This why Trampapel is the sticker you will never want to detach.